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The importation of Textile goods into Mexico, has been consider through the years as a «sensitive» import-export operation for Customs Authority, their main concern are the declaration of the correct country of origin,  and mainly the commercial value declared by importers and exporters on their international trading transactions; such amount is important to calculate and obtain the proper Import Duty and Customs Taxes;

Recently, on December 2014 a new requirement for textiles imports was published on the Federation Official Dairy which took effect the 1st of Feb, 2015. This publication refers to an extension of the «ANEXO 10», a list of restricted tariff codes that belongs to sensitive Industry Sectors such as military, radioactive, explosives, alcohol, tabaco, chemicals and now including the Footwear and the Textile Sector;

To import Textiles products in Mexico, the Importer of Record who is already registered at a General Importer Census (Padron General de Importadores) now it will need to obtain an additional Import Registration named  «Padron de Sectores Especificos» which refers to the ANEXO 10.

This new requirement for Textile importation, will allow Customs Authority to track and have more control over the textile operation for the other hand Importers will need to submit specific corporate and business information on obtain their proper Import permit, this process may take at least a couple of week, however it may be rejected by authority.

Textile Cargo or shipments may be sucked at the border or Customs facilities waiting for the importer to obtain this new Textile Importation registration and can not clear customs until then. As a Mexico Trading Firm our company Lopezadri Distribucion may offer a solution for this kind of scenario, a Third party Importer Services for Textil Imports into Mexico, that may help to release and import your textil cargo into Mexico.

Feel free to contact us for any Import inquiry, our services are limited to certain products or commodities so it is important to study every case and see if is elegible to assist; we’re at your service

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