Export to Mexico

Basics steps to consider when exporting to Mexico.

Mexican Customs regulations may be consider complicated for first timer exporters. Even with a NAFTA agreement all commercial shipments coming from Canada or USA must comply with the basic regulations and are subject to 16% of IVA (VAT), except food or medicine or some agriculture commodities;

Export to Mexico

10 basic TIPS that exporters need to consider:

  • Make sure your customer-consignee in Mexico, is an «active importer», otherwise you will need to contract a «Third Party Importer» services.
  • Before shipping to Mexico, make sure to partner with a reliable Mex CB (Mexican Customs Broker) agency.
  • Have your customer/importer authorize, upon customs regulations, your Mex CB agency of your choice, otherwise or you may need to deal and use their own Mex CB.
  • Request to your customer/importer to send to the selected Mex CB the shipments or cargo paperwork: Commercial Invoice, Packing List, BOL and NAFTA Certificate, MSDS or any other Material’s Certificate if apply
  • Declare commercial Values, even if they’re samples or reusable dunnage packaging.
  • Invoice must have complete Exporter and Importer information including Federal Tax id’s, PO Box is not valid as an address.
  • Country of Origin, weight, unit of measure for every single item is needed for customs clearance, so make sure to have this info available on your Packing list or on your Commercial Invoice
  • Be prepared to pay in advance, before clearing customs, 16% IVA and other Rights or Duty if apply
  • If you’ll be responsible for the Mexican freight or transportation, to get an insurance policy to protect your goods, in Mexico, carriers are not liable for any cargo’s damage or looses.
  •  If you’re planing to export any «trade mark» products, make sure to have the proper Trade Mark licenses
  • For all your international shipments use EXPORT approve pallets according to the ISPM 15 international regulation

Our company has the experience and knowledge to handle your shipments properly, we’re the best choice in Mexican Customs. We would appreciate any opportunity you give us to assist your Exports to Mexico; we’re specialized on Industrial and Commercial cargo.

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Our services involves

Mex Customs Brokerage

We’re a Mexican custom broker licensed company authorized by the government to handle import and export shipments on behalf Mexican importers or exporters. [Learn More…]

3PL Solutions

We arrange and offer freight solutions on LTL, TL, oversize and specialized loads within the NAFTA region, door to door. [Learn More…]

Mexican Importer Permit

We own a Mexican importer company, registered at the “Padron de Importadores”, allowing us to trade with overseas exporters as partners of their shipments bound to non-importers customers in Mexico. [Learn More…]


From rail car to truck load, from Mexican carrier to US carrier, we focus this service to heavy loads or palletized cargo, we own a forklift fleet from 5,000 to 35,000 pound capacity and clamp lift with up to 8,500 pound capacity. [Learn More…]

Mexican Shelter Operation

With the advantage of a low cost on labor and location at the border in Mexico, we can shelter any project with a manpower intensive activity, such as manufacturing, assembling, refurbishing, packaging or labeling.


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