Trade with Mexico



We have develop a «Trade-with-Mexico» program, for OVERSEAS EXPORTERS or WEB SITE Sellers, interested in developing new business with Mexican market or even better to offer to actual customers an add value service.

It is a DOOR TO DOOR trading service which consists in SELLING and INVOICING in MEXICO through our Legal entity, LOPEZADRI DISTRIBUCION S DE RL, an importer and trading company, that enables our PARTNERS to use our Legal platform to export directly and sale to Mexican customers as a  domestic transactions.


Our program consists in MANAGING, on behalf international suppliers or exporters, their PURCHASE ORDERS from Mexican Customers, taking care of the following activities:

  • International Freight Forwarding services
  • Comply with Mexican customs restriction
  • Enable a Mexican Bank account to receive payments on behalf customers
  • Customs Duty (if apply) and Sales Tax consulting (draw back)
  • Optional insurance coverage for goods
  • Invoicing under Mexican fiscal rules to final Customer

Traditional exporters are limited to sale only at the border or at any port of entry in Mexico, but with «Trade with Mexico» program, our partners are able to place orders at any place within the country and much better to have access to non-importers customers.

This is a real potential business opportunity, don’t hesitate to contact us for any inquire comment or additional information;


Toll free: 1-866-828-4011


«Trade with Mexico» program is limited for certain products or commodities please call for consulting
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