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Through the years «Grupo Lopezadri» has participate in assisting Canadian and American companies on their International business projects into Mexico, offering cross-border, freight forwarding and transportation solutions on their Imports and Exports operations.

As a Mexico Freight Forwarder, our company offers a door to door freight services to Mexico including, inland customs brokerage, cross docking at border, transloading services and warehousing. Our expertise in Shipping to Mexico, is our greatest asset in our company giving us a complete advantage over the global logistics companies. So if you are planning on Shipping to Mexico you’re on the right place.



Selecting your Freight Forwarder in Mexico

Freight Forwarders in Mexico may be specialized in different kind of cargo or industry, which may be households, textile, food, chemical, or any other, so is very important to get information on your freight forwarder profile prior contracting for their service and see if they fit in your shipping to Mexico project by the experience and carrier network they must have on handling your commodity;

Freight Forwarders Vs Insurance in Mexico

As an exporter you may think that by contracting a carrier or freight broker in Mexico will automatically include an insurance coverage or a cargo liability for your cargo, but NOT. Is very important for you to consider that according to the Federal Regulation of Transportation in Mexico, neither the Carrier or Freight Broker are not liable for the load, cargo or commodity begin transported, and points to the consignee as the liable party in case of an accident, damage or stolen. Knowing this is recomendable to ask if your consignee has an insurance policy otherwise to contract a single insurance policy for you load;

Lopezadri Group a Freight Forwarder in Mexico

As a Freight Forwarder, our company LOPEZADRI Group offers to our customers many solutions on transportation, however our specialty is the freight forwarding services on the following industries or commodities:

  • Metal-mechanic industry
  • Steel plates, beams, bars, coils
  • Plastic and Resins
  • Palletized Cargo
  • Machinery and Equipment
  • Oversize or Overload Shipments
  • Hot-Shots or Urgent shipments
As an option we offer to our clients to protect their loads or cargo with an insurance policy, as well as explain and consult them about transportation regulations in Mexico.

Shipping Truck Loads to Mexico

  • Palletized Cargo LTL
  • Dry Vans – FTL

Shipping Oversize Loads to Mexico

  • Flat Beds
  • Semi Low-Boys or Step Decks
  • Low-Boys
  • DGN Low-Boys

Shipping Hot-Shot Loads

  • Light Trucks 3.5 Ton Capacity
  • Light Truck 1.5 Ton Capacity
  • Pick Up Trucks

Hot-Shot Freight Forwarding Mexico

You’ll find in LOPEZADRI GROUP, a reliable Mexico Freight Forwarder and much more an International Business Partner, we’ll be more than welcome to assist your Shipping to Mexico Projects, we have a toll free number so feel free to reach us;

Ruben Lopez Jr.
Commercial Director & Co-Owner

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