Industrial Distributors in Mexico


As a 3PL company we’re able to develop partnerships with overseas industrial suppliers, in order to support their core business in Mexico through Warehousing, Inventory control and «on time» distribution with actual or potential Mexican customers;

Our «IMMEX» company allow us to import raw materials or industrial inputs under temporary basis and FREE of Mexican Customs Taxes (16% IVA), with the objective to have material, in stock within Mexico and ready to transfer it to the Maquiladora industry.

Due our company is responsibly and liable to comply with all customs and legal regulations; there is no need for our partners to establish any legal corporate in Mexico or to deal with any other legal issues;

All material is imported under a consignment agreement so our partners keep ownership of materials any time until are sold to final industrial customers:

  • Steel or Metal materials
  • Paper, cardboard or packaging materials
  • Rubber, plastics, resins, pigments materials
  • Industial inputs/raw materials

Our partnership will allow your business to have a real presence in Mexico!



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