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Shipments in motion

In order to comply with the Mexican Customs regulation, every shipment eligible to be imported must be inspected and classified according to the Harmonized Tariff Code in Mexico. LOPEZADRI FORWARDING is an American Legal entity working along with US and Canadian Exporters to accomplish all the import requirements to have a successful EXPORT operation.

From a LTL package or Truck Load reception to a rail car load unloading services, Lopezadri Forwarding offers all services needed prior the exportation to Mexico, our WAREHOUSE facility located in Laredo, Tx includes fence yard, rail spur and high capacity forklift fleet all under security cameras in order to warrant the following activities:

Our Warehouse is used to ship and receive shipments on behalf our clients but it is also a strategic international location, where we offer Distribution, Inventory Control and Tracking orders;

Warehousing Previo and Revision

HTS Classification
Crossdock unloading
Heavy load transloading
Intermodal transloading
International distribution
Shipper Export Declarations


  • 5,000 Capacity Forklift
  • 6,000 Capacity Forklift
  • 8,500 Capacity Clamplift
  • 15,500 Capacity Forklift
  • 30,000 Capacity Forklift (3 units)
  • 33,000 Capacity Forklift


  • 01-760 UNION PACIFIC

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