Logistics shipping from USA to Mexico


Import-Export Door to Door Services shipping from USA to Mexico

With important coverage over the main borders in between USA and Mexico, Lopezadri Group is ready to assist and support American Exporters on their shipping to Mexico projects. The Door to Door services will include to pick up cargo on Exporters facility, regardless if it is a carton, pallet or full truck load; taking the freight to the border, where the customs dispatch process, we take care about customs regulation and Customs duty and Tax payment, after customs clearance, we coordinate the logistics services until delivered to final customer;

Our company is specialized in moving the industrial cargo:


We own a high capacity forklift fleet at the border to receive and handle any type of heavy loads including but not limited: steel plate, structural beams, bars, pipes, steel coins, machinery or heavy equipment.


Our warehouse is equipped with rail spur access for the reception of raw material or industrial inputs in a a great scale basis, such as plastics, paper, cardboard or any other supersack or palletized loads that can be unload with forklifts or clamp truck.


We’re specialized on the control and management of temporary shipments under IMMEX program as well as import and export virtual operations for any industry such as Automotive, Medical, or Metalmechanic;

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