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In order to comply with Mexico Customs regulation, every single shipment that intents to enter into the country must have an Importer of Record declared on the pedimento (official entry document). This is one of the main requirement that Mexican Customs Brokers ask for; Who will be the Importer of Record?

Who can be an Importer of Record?

In Mexico an Importer of Record may be a single person or a corporation, with legal business activity in Mexico with RFC number, which to the eyes of the Mexican Government is the party liable and responsible to comply with customs regulations and for paying any Duty, Tax or Rights involved at the Importation process.

A buyer or consignee, who ever will receive the shipment in Mexico, is not always an authorize importer of record, unless is registered at the Padron de Importadores. When there is no authorized Importer, a Third Party Importer of Record company, must known as «Comercializadoras», can be involved on the transaction to complete the Import-Export operation.

How to become an Importer of Record?

To become an Importer of Record you must be a Mexican Legal alien or Established Company in Mexico with proper R.F.C. number (Tax ID), and must enroll to the «Padron de Importadores» or Importer Census. The Padron de Importadores is an official database that allows to the Mexican Government to have complete information and control of people and companies doing international trade.

Compared to other countries, Mexico won’t allowed overseas or international companies to become or act as a Importer of Record which creates many issues and problems when Expoters ships to Mexico. That is why everyday UPS, FEDEX, DHL or any international couriers, which in fact offer door to door service, have shipments stuck at customs.

 Looking for a Third Party Importer of Record in Mexico?  «Comercializadora»

We are Lopezadri Distribucion S. de R.L. Mi. a Mexican importer of record company and we offer to exporters the solution to clear customs, we’re a legal company in Mexico and we’re registered at the Padron de Importadores since 2005. Through the years we have develop business partnerships with international firms assisting them on their logistics and shipping to Mexico, using our company as the Importer of Record for their transaction with the Non-importer Mexican market. With this services our partners have real Trading representation in Mexico, with very low customs and legal risk, we take care about it. We are at your service and hope to assist you in your business in Mexico, we have the experience and complete backup of our Customs and Logistics Group.


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