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Mexico Steel Importers of Record

martes mayo 2, 2017Posted by  admin

Metal and Steel IMPORT SERVICES to Mexico As a Mexican Importer and Trading company, Lopezadri Distribucion S de RL Mi, has obtain proper AUTHORIZATION, for the new IMPORT REGISTRATION for both Sectors Steel and Steel products, which the Mexico Customs Authority has submit as a new requirement for importers to be able to import 307 […]

Mexico Steel Import and Export Regulation

lunes mayo 1, 2017Posted by  admin

EXPORTING STEEL TO MEXICO As a Mexico Customs Broker and Logistics service provider, Grupo Aduanal Lopezadri S.C. has as its most important accounts, several American steel suppliers and Steel Service Centers, leaders on the metal mechanic industry, exporting and shipping to Mexico steel plates, coils, beams, bars and many other steel and metal commodities on […]

Railroad spur in Laredo

jueves enero 5, 2017Posted by  admin

RAIL SPUR IN LAREDO, TX Railroad spurs at the border are an excellent alternative for a high volume cargo when shipping to Mexico. In Laredo, Tx our facility can offer two different kind of intermodal unloading or loading services: Railroad spur with «cross dock» This service is the most common in the logistic industry, since […]

Textile Imports – Mexico Customs Regulation

miércoles enero 4, 2017Posted by  admin

The importation of Textile goods into Mexico, has been consider through the years as a «sensitive» import-export operation for Customs Authority, their main concern are the declaration of the correct country of origin,  and mainly the commercial value declared by importers and exporters on their international trading transactions; such amount is important to calculate and […]

Import Trading Company in Mexico

miércoles enero 4, 2017Posted by  admin

Using an Importer of Record as a Trading Partner in Mexico Is very common that exporters, when shipping to Mexico, find their first barrier when they realize that their customer or consignee is  not registered at the «Padron de Importadores» in other words their client is not an «active importer», therefore is not allow to […]

Mexico Importer of Record

miércoles enero 4, 2017Posted by  admin

Importers companies in Mexico In order to comply with Mexico Customs regulation, every single shipment that intents to enter into the country must have an Importer of Record declared on the pedimento (official entry document). This is one of the main requirement that Mexican Customs Brokers ask for; Who will be the Importer of Record? […]

Crane services in Laredo, Tx

domingo mayo 25, 2014Posted by  admin

30 ton Rough Terrain Crane Lopezadri Forwarding and Logistics introduces a new specialized services for material handling; With the acquisition of a TEREX RT230 Rought Terrain Crane unit with 30 ton capacity our company is ready to assist, not only the logistics or impor/export industry but also entering to new markets such as the construction and […]   |   |    |