Mexico Steel Import and Export Regulation


As a Mexico Customs Broker and Logistics service provider, Grupo Aduanal Lopezadri S.C. has as its most important accounts, several American steel suppliers and Steel Service Centers, leaders on the metal mechanic industry, exporting and shipping to Mexico steel plates, coils, beams, bars and many other steel and metal commodities on a daily basis.

Our company has developed an expertise on the Import and Export process for Steel shipments and steel cargo into Mexico, giving to steel exporters the proper orientation and consulting to comply with actual rulings and customs regulation;


In December 2013 Mexico’s Minister of Economy published on the Federation Official Daily, an import requirement which consist in getting an Import Authorization on their behalf prior the importation of Steel material by having the Importer of record, uploading information from MTR (Mill Test Reports) on the official website called «Ventanilla Unica».

Steel Plates - Exporting to Mexico

This regulation was named “Aviso Automatico de Importacion de Productos Siderurgicos” in English, “Automatic Notification for the Importation of Steel Products”, basically is an IMPORT permit request, since the Steel importers not only needs to submit complete material information to comply with it, but have to wait for 3 to 5 days to get an approval on behalf the Minister of Economy to process the importation for such material with a Mexican Customs Broker.


We offer door to door service for steel exporters, including all the logistics and customs brokerage backup. Our company is prepared and equipped at the border with a warehouse, rail spur and yard to receive and unload any size of steel commodity, prior the exportation and shipping to Mexico.

Lopezadri Forwarding - Steel Loading

We even own an Import Trading company in Mexico, named “Lopezadri Distribucion S. de R.L.” which we offer to Steel Exporters as business platform or business partner in Mexico to trade in a domestic manner with the Mexican market without being involved both Exporter and final customer on the Import Export issues. Is basically a Third Party Importer service, where we take care about all legal and customs compliment and our partners (exporters) take care about the selling;

Don’t hesitate to contact us for any service or information you may need, we’ll be ready to assist your Steel Export Project in Mexico


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