Import Trading Company in Mexico

Using an Importer of Record as a Trading Partner in Mexico

Is very common that exporters, when shipping to Mexico, find their first barrier when they realize that their customer or consignee is  not registered at the «Padron de Importadores» in other words their client is not an «active importer», therefore is not allow to import in Mexico and the shipments gets stuck at the border or at the port of entry.

Looking for an Importer in Mexico?

With LOPEZADRI DISTRIBUCION S DE RL MI. an Importer and Trading Company in Mexico,  you may find an Importer of Record as your business partner. We offer many advantages as an International service provider, such as Customs Clearance, Freight Forwarding, Distribution and Business management in Mexico.

We’re not only a common Importer in Mexico, we’re a complete Trading Brokers and Logistics Group who according to the business project and upon negotiations we’re willing to invest in your product and have a Full Container Load or Full Truck Load inventory in Mexico and serve the Mexican market upon the purchase orders.

Advantages when using LOPEZADRI™ as an Import Trading Company in Mexico

  • Complete Customs Brokerage and Logistics backup
  • We take care about all Mexican Legal and Fiscal issues
  • We Outsource a Mexico’s business plataform for exporters
  • We offer Commercial and Business Representation
  • Business opportunity on Government Procurement as a national company
  • We offer strategic Warehousing and Distribution Centers.

If your company is planning to Shipping to Mexico or want to Develop a Business Plan in Mexico, feel free to contact, we would be most than welcome to assist you and become an important part of  your Export Project;

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